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Columbus Omnicrom

30 years have passed since Columbus and The Institute of Welding of Paris collaborated on a research study which lead to obtaining patents on Cyclex and Nivacrom alloys. Today marks a new milestone in the history of high-performance alloys. Today we present OMNICROM. The performance of a steel frame is, undoubtedly, directly infl uenced by the characteristics and quality of the materials and components used: in combination with the quality of the geometries and the project, big importance belongs to the quality of the material and of the welds, with particular attention paid to the eff ect they have on the tubes used for the realization of the frame. Columbus has always paid particular attention to the resistance the tubes have to the thermal stress and transformations they are typically exposed during the welding phase. With the introduction of OMNICROM, Columbus ushers forth a new era of steel tubing; unprecedented performance and excellent processing capacity. OMNICROM is the culmination of a long journey. It all starts with the latest low-carbon Chromium-Molybdenum Steel alloys used today in the aerospace industry, descendants of the fi rst research done at AL Colombo’s steel mill.

Putting to use all the experience Columbus has gained within the competitive motorcycle and cycling industry developing Chromoly alloys, OMNICROM benefits from being enriched with Vanadium combined with a highly controlled production process: the best choice for riders, the best choice for framebuilders. OMNICROM’s distinctive feature are the strict tolerance of the alloycomposition, refi ned and re-fused to grant the regularity of the structure, an increased yield strength, excellent weldability and elevated resilience. OMNICROM’s purity translates into excluding inclusions, through careful control of the metal elements, eliminating any abnormal behavior of the alloy caused by these impurities and consequently irregularities within the crystal structure. The extraordinary properties of OMNICROM and a century of experience in cold drawing steel allows Columbus to achieve an elevated degree of crystal structure regularity. The crystal structure is controlled since casting solidifi cation and grants a greater capacity to absorb the heat and stress of the welding process, maintaining the tube’s mechanical properties stable and unaltered.

Thanks to its high transition temperature (Ac3=980°), OMNICROM is easy to work with. It has a smooth, predictable behavior during welding and lends itself perfectly to TIG welding, as well as fi llet and lug brazing maintaining an unaltered structure and performance even after undergoing the most extreme processes. OMNICROM’s performance is superior to steel alloys patented up to this day by Columbus. This superior performance is thanks to the special alloy composition and improved mechanical properties, which are obtained through the increased plastic deformation of the tubing achieved through cold-drawing, made possible thanks to a special alloy formula.
Mechanical characteristics:
UTS=1300MPa, Ys≥920 MPa, Ap5>15%.
Suggested material for TIG welding: OK TIGROD 13.12 (AWS 5.28 ER 80S-G)
Suggested material for brazing: Castoline Silver Alloy 38230
Columbus OMNICROM is utilized for the production of the Spirit HSS, Spirit, Life, Max, SL, SLX and CENTO main-triangles.