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Tube Sets


Stainless, Seamless, Performance

  • The jewel of the crown, top-range tubeset
  • The only biphasic stainless seamless tube family available in the cycling industry
  • Tripled & Double butted tube reinforces
  • High corrosion resistance in long-term periods in every use and weather condition
  • Seamless-technology, improved stiffness and mechanical properties
  • Reduced thickness, up to 0.4mm for an extremely reduced weight
  • Exceptional resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • No need to be painted or clear-coated after polishing
  • Ultra smooth surface (Ra<0,4)
  • Excellent weldability
  • Made in Italy


The new era of Titanium

  • Triple butted 3Al – 2,5V alloy
  • Cold-Drawn Seamless Grade 9 Tubeset
  • Columbus’ cold-drawing technology improves the mechanical properties of Hyperion tubes compared to other Titanium tubes available on the market, with a +22% increase in UTS relative to non-butted tubes
  • Wide range of special shapes and bends, from the Columbus new and old archives
  • Columbus’ special proprietary drawing-lubricant provides extra-clean tubes out “of the box”, without residual oils. This allows builders to prepare tubes for welding more quickly.


High Strength Shaped

  • Triple butted OMNICROM alloy
  • Cold-Drawn Seamless Tube
  • Exceptional mechanical properties
  • Special HSS shaping, designed to optimize tube strength according to the orientation of its local solicitations
  • High tensile strength, superior resilience and incredible fatigue resistance
  • Visual Quality Control inspection and hand marking of each tube
  • Unpaired strength/weight ratio
  • Made in Italy


Top-Performance Road-Race

  • Triple butted OMNICROM alloy
  • Cold-Drawn Seamless Tube
  • Reduced thickness, up to 0.38mm
  • Exceptional mechanical characteristics
  • High tensile strenght, superior resilence and incredible fatigue resistance
  • Excellent tube-surface finishing and highly controlled alloy-composition, regular and close to nominal, for an excellent weld bead
  • Visual Quality Control inspection and marking of each tube
  • Incomparable strength/weight ratio
  • Made in Italy


Oversize, Lightness, Resistance

  • Triple butted OMNICROM alloy
  • Cold-Drawn Seamless Tube
  • Wide range and great freedom in
  • frame-design & tubeset-composition
  • Excellent resistance/weight ratio, wide range of shapes & bends
  • Over-sized tubes available for the DT (Ø42mm) and the ST (Ø35mm)
  • Exceptional mechanical characteristics
  • High breaking load, superior tenacity and incredible fatigue endurance
  • Wide range of specifications: road-race, gravel, urban and mtb
  • Made in Italy


The Revolutionary Tubeset

  • Triple butted OMNICROM alloy
  • Cold-Drawn Seamless Tube
  • The very first and only original patented non-round tubeset of the cycling history
  • Tubes shapes oriented according to localized specific stress-direction
  • Elliptical and oriented oversized sections for an increased momentum of inertia
  • Maximized stiffness, reduced thickness, weight and power-dispersion
  • Made in Italy


Super Leggera - The ‘Soul of Cycling’

  • Double butted OMNICROM alloy
  • The most famous Columbus round set
  • Hi-performance, imperial dimensions
  • Exclusive laminated tapered fork blades swaged on shaped-mandrels for an improved structure and lightness
  • Wide range with multiple diameters and thicknesses and reinforces
  • Meets both lugged and Tig-welded frame needs
  • Evergreen specifications updated to new technologies and alloys
  • Double butted seamless tubes, cold worked and stress relieved
  • Made in Italy


All-Purpose Hi-Resistance tubes family

  • Triple / Double butted 25CroMo4 alloy seamless tubeset
  • Moderate weight and high strenght
  • Multiple possible shapes, triangle & stays
  • Increased wall-thicknesses and butted lenghts in strategic tube areas
  • Perfect solution for offroad and training purpose
  • Great to mix with lighter Columbus sets for an improved resistance • Good resistance to heating during welding process
  • Great reliability and fatigue life
  • Made in Italy


Resistance, Reliability, Duration

  • Double & Single butted Cromor alloy
  • Competitive and easy to weld & braze
  • The legendary Columbus tubeset
  • The ABC of framebuilding art
  • Reinforced in the welding/junctions areas up to 0.8/0.9/1.2mm
  • Tubes with reduced thickness up to 0.5/0.6mm
  • Top reliability even in the most demanding and stressing conditions
  • Long-lasting properties and performance even after heavy-duty use
  • Improved performances with multiple cold-drawn & stress-relief processes
  • Full-set made in Italy. ‘Tre-Tubi’ composition available ex-Asia for OE productions