Futura Disc SLX

After equipping the most prestigious cycling brands from Pro-Tour carbon frames to custom-made “specialissme”, the celebrated Futura Disc offers up a new evolution. “SLX Disc” gets its namesake from the famous Columbus tube set which, in the 1980s, raced alongside hundreds of professional teams, who were often in yellow, pink and rainbow jerseys! Within the Futura fork range, “SLX” specifically refers to our brand new models for 1-1/4” oversized steerer tubes. After the 1-1/2” tapered, and the classic “SL” 1-1/8” steerer tube versions, this new option enriches and extends our range of forks. Some framebuilders suggested adopting this steerer tube diameter (oversized, conical, but with contained proportions) to combine the benefits of larger diameters with more elegant lines and shapes, which you often see on metal-alloy frames. Additionally, the SLX Disc also ushers in an increased tire clearance (30mm, compared to the previous model at 28mm) with the added option of mounting a light ‘racing’ fender for commuting and winter training.