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Columbus XCr

XCr is an innovative, high grade, stainless seamless steel tubing set. Exclusive and unique characteristic for the whole bike industry of the new Columbus XCr set, is that the stainless steel tubes are seamless, made starting from a solid billet, machine-perforated and cold drawn countless times, to obtain the fi nal required thickness. In this way the very high mechanical characteristics are uniform and constant in the whole round section of the tube. Thanks to the special chemical composition of this new alloy, the grain structure is not altered by welding during the frame construction. The maximum characteristics are granted also in the joint areas.
Mechanical characteristics:
UTS=1450MPa Ys=1000MPa, Ap5: >10%
Suggested fi ller material for TIG welding: APX4S
Suggested material for brazing: T99 (ag 56% Cu 22% - Zn 17%)