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Columbus Continuum 100 Years Celebrations

By 2 August 2019October 14th, 2021News

In the second half of the year Columbus (1919 – 2019) is celebrating its 100th Anniversary with a series of exhibitions in order to narrate the many stories composing this unique entrepreneurial scenario.

The four exhibitions, reunited under the name Columbus continuum. 100 years of a steel manufactory in Milan, have been planned to set and show the company from four different perspectives and industries: tubular furniture; steel series for bicycle frames; the great innovation and research content of the company that lead it to collaborate to amazing goals and achievements (from airplanes to cars and riding machines); the constant focus on art and design.

The whole series is hosted in Milan by Antonio Colombo Art Gallery, a landmark in figurative avant-garde for more than 20 years.

Here the exhibitions details:
1. Flessibili splendori: Columbus and the tubular furniture.
September 25th 2019 – October 26th 2019

2. Anima d’acciaio: Columbus and the bicycle design
November 7th 2019 – December 5th 2019

3. Dentro il tubo: Columbus and technological innovation in special tubing production
January 16th 2020 – February 15th 2020

4. Traguardo volante: Columbus and Cinelli, crossing the line between art and bicycle
February 27 2020 – March 28th 2020

We wish you all the best for these summer holidays!
Our offices will be closed from August 5th to 23rd

Columbus Team